Sunday, July 31, 2011

Romeo and Fooliet

    I think at one point or another everyone has had a night terror/nightmare. My Mom has them frequently. Not just the type of dream that you have in your sleep and its done, but the kind that you act out in your sleep. She had this dream one night that her and my Dad wanted to end their lives, so they took a poison to commit suicide. In this dream the poison ended up working on my Dad but not on my Mom. She reaches over to touch him and he is cold and clammy (now mind you, at this point she is acting her dream out). She starts to get frantic and shakes him a bit to try and wake him up, nothing happens. She shakes him a little harder and still nothing, she then realizes that the poison has taken hold of his life. Dream reality sets in her mind and she begins to weep and throws her body over my Dad's yelling, "NO! NO! He's dead! He's dead!"
    She then sits up crying, still yelling in agony and begins to slam her hands on his back as hard as she could. Yelling all the while, "Oh my God, he's dead! I can't believe he's dead!"
    My Dad picks up his head and says to her in irritation, "I'm not dead! It's called sleep!"

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