Friday, July 29, 2011

Thanks! Here's some deodorant!

    When I was younger I used to cat sit my neighbor's 12 cats. That was not a typo they had TWELVE cats! So, every time they would go out of town I would go in, feed them and clean out the world's grossest cat liter box. When they would return they would give me a present or some cash. After a weekend of watching their cats, we get a knock at the door and it was my neighbors giving me my souvenir. I open the bag and there were 5 sticks of deodorant. Now, normal people would be highly offended by such a gift, not my family. When I brought the bag in to show my parents we were in fact over joyed by this practical and thoughtful gift  (which we already own and use on a daily basis). I handed one out to each person as we laughed and exchanged for the "flavors" we liked.

My sister yells out, "I want two!"

Bert, my brother, laughs and says, "you can't have two there are five of us and five sticks!"

    We hear another knock on the door, I run to open it and it was our neighbors with another bag in their hand, "Oh my gosh, I think we gave you the wrong bag! This is your gift and I believe we gave you our deodorant!"

"Oh, yeah we do have the deodorant." I say disappointed.

 I close the door and whisper back to the family, "they gave us the wrong bag, we have to give the deodorant back."

Their faces drop as they hand over the deodorant. I open the door return the bag and begrudgingly receive my correct gift, a stupid wooden cat face. I want the deodorant back.

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